The Polydriver

The Polydriver

Some day I may call on you for a guitar solo.And when that day comes, with the polydriver you will sound outstanding.

we make the boost pedal you can't refuse!

this is what's inside the box A.K.A "The Polydriver"

The Polydriver is designed because there was no other booster that actually sounded good. Other pedals make it louder but not better.

With this design I’ve tried to use as many “modern” parts as possible, I say modern but essentially i mean “off the shelf” so in this box are no obsolete parts.

I’ve done this so we can, at Analog mafia, maintain the quality that we promise to have.

My design strategy is, as I’ve learned from the Hogan, bigger is better so this pedal is full, very full, we could not get ant bigger components in there even if we wanted too.

Thats the key to a big tone!

Foppe Talman 


here is what some people are saying about the Polydriver

Edward Lukw I didn't use a boost or distortion pedal for years cos I don't like my finger tone fucked with !! I plugged in this pedal and all the touch sensitivity from the fingers to the fretboard to the tubes in my Marshall come screaming out of the basketweave cabinet !!! Totally true tone !!! Love this pedal and I hate pedals !! Lol !!

Analog Mafia is very happy to announce that The Polydriver is now available at 30th street guitars.

The Polydriver by Analog Mafia is now available at  Rivington Guitars.

The Polydriver is now available at 
Pentatonic Guitars in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

The Polydriver is now available at 

Pentatonic Guitars.This is the only shop in Brooklyn where you will find The Polydriver,

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